Guide The Truth About Dating, Love, and Just Being Friends

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From Friends to Lovers: How to Take Your Friendship to the Next Level
  2. Why Someone You Love Says You're Just a Friend | LoveToKnow
  3. Finding love through friends is better than online dating

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It simply means that there is not the same level of attraction and interest between the two of you and there is nothing you can do to convince him to change his attraction level any more than he could change yours. Which means, it's time for you to sit down with this man and ask him what kind of future he sees for the two of you? If his future looks different than the one you have in mind, you'll need to decide for yourself if you want to continue to have a relationship with him.

Depending on how the conversation goes, you may decide that your relationship needs to change. It is clear that you are very fond of his children; should you decide to change your involvement with him, perhaps the two of you can negotiate the kind of relationship you'll have with his children. I have been seeing this girl for two months. I'm not sure if we are dating or friends. I asked if I could kiss her for the first time on our second encounter. We hung out at her place and watched a movie. She giggled when I got close to her lips and said we were friends.


It just seems like we are dating. How do I know without bringing up the subject? Dating and 'being friends' means different things to different people. One person may define dating as hanging out, doing things together and being attracted to each other.

Likewise, 'being friends' may be defined by a person as being interested in the other person, going out to places and doing things together. Because dating and being friends can mean different things to different people, it is likely that from time to time you will find yourself confused and wondering what kind of relationship you are in when it comes to liking a certain girl. In your particular case, when you tried to kiss the girl you like, she giggled and told you the two of you "were friends.

Her response to you in context is how you know that you and the girl in question are not dating. We want a guy friend who makes us laugh, goes out to dinner with us on a Friday night and watches the Rangers with us.

Why Someone You Love Says You're Just a Friend | LoveToKnow

Time wise, it can come in a variety of combinations. You may fall first; he may fall first; perhaps, you will fall for each other at the same time. Timing is key here.

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Do you ever notice how you feel when he brings a new girl into the picture? How about when he posts a picture with his new girlfriend on his arm at the same restaurant he took you for your 23rd birthday?

Often, without consciously recognizing it, we become attached. Once you see your best guy friend pulling away because there is someone else in the picture who can jeopardize your friendship, the platonic feelings get confused.

Finding love through friends is better than online dating

It is often in situations like these where our true feelings are revealed. You may have been platonic friends for years, or recent acquaintances from your time together at church or at work. But now the question comes up: should we dare to date? Can we go from being friends to being in a relationship?

And how do you tell a friend you like them? Sometimes, chemistry grows as the friendship grows, and suddenly there is a hint of the possibility of romance. It might just be that when he smiles, you now notice his eye crinkles. Or when she laughs, you suddenly hear the musical undertones. The question is, is this happening for him or her as well? Do you find yourself wanting to share more and more of yourself with this friend?

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It may not even be a conscious decision to open up more, but more of an ease that grows as you two text and talk openly about your lives. Feelings can ignite on one side or between the two of you, and you suddenly find yourself wondering if you might be falling for your friend.