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The condition that formally handicapped him, now makes him possibly one of the most effective K9 narcotics officers ever; with no hearing, an additional layer of distraction is removed, allowing him to focus solely on his target. Our products are proudly manufactured in the U. Barb is very proud of what Ghost and her program have brought to the DOC.

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All beings deserve that. Willard and Shirley Phillips watched helplessly in angst as one of their senior Miniature Schnauzers, Greta, started to regularly lose her balance and topple over. They feared it was epilepsy. We were really confused. We were terrified that it was the same thing! Instead, it was a more treatable heart ailment, common in some small breeds, that was fixed with the implantation of a pacemaker—yes, a canine pacemaker. We most commonly see this in older, small-breed Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds, and Miniature Schnauzers. The veterinarian reads the results of what the dog is experiencing on an event monitor, the size of a pager.

Once certain ailments such as sick sinus syndrome or atrial standstill are identified, the dog is then a candidate for a pacemaker. The improvement was immediate. Pacemakers in dogs are becoming more common, although the cardiologists who perform the procedure are still relatively rare. The first case of a canine pacemaker was one made for a human and tested on a dog back in the late s. But pacemakers made specifically for dogs were first implanted in the late s.

They are used to treat several conditions that Dr.

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Lesser says show up more in some breeds than others. What the public wants drives what we offer. When clients come to me and express a need, I can make it happen. When the generator detects an irregular or stopped beat, the device sends an impulse—a shock wave of sorts—through the leads to stimulate the heart and make it regain regularity. Dogs will need to have a short downtime before getting back to playing fetch, but their improvement has no lag time. Batteries last for years, and can be easily changed. The specialty—like canine dentistry, ophthalmology, and dermatology—is a reflection of how dogs are valued as members of the family.

Lesser says pacemakers hold a special place in his toolkit because of what they accomplish. But, when I put in the pacemaker, I get to fix the underlying problem. The dogs can go back to running on the beach.

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That makes me extremely happy. Lesser particularly pleased.

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At just eleven months old, he was having fainting episodes. We put a monitor on his heart and it was stopping for eight seconds at a time. He is caring, up-todate on procedures, and professional. And when we were told the batteries in the pacemaker last six, seven years, that was even better! Dina Eastwood is a longtime Peninsula resident who has worked in the media for more than 20 years. Eastwood and Company.

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Her Instagram handle is dinaeastwood. The change comes from the passing of our sweet, seventeenyear-old, supersenior Pug, Chica, who crossed the rainbow bridge in June. Chica, who you may have seen on these pages, was pure light. Her magnetic smile garnered more than 17, followers on Instagram. The quiet, calm lady became an avid barker and developed a hysterical howl when she really wanted her way as her hips, eyes, ears, and teeth failed.

But, Pug Daddy followed behind her catering to her every need. We never tired of rushing to bring her to her water bowl, her grass patch, or moving her from bed to bed. Due to her stocky build, Chica was an ace on. Chica smiled her way into our life in at the ripe age of twelve.

Ready for school. #eyeglasses | Fun With Frames | Cute animals, Cats, cucumbers, Funny dogs

Relinquished by her sole owners after a divorce, she ended up in the care of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. Not yet convinced, my husband Scott agreed to a test run. When the sweet old gal put her chin in his hand while he administered her eye drops, he was sold. She loved the beach. The end came quickly for Chica. Whatever took her life only affected her for about 24 hours.

Please welcome PhytoAromatherapist Cheryl Beller to the office. Many of you already know Cheryl from her WellScents blends for people, dogs, horses and cats. More info: www. We are here for you at any time your veterinarian is not available. Susan and her staff are experts and really efficient. Susan MacInnes S. Public obedience classes available year round for beginning thru advanced levels. Will work with any behavior issue. Hollister, CA k9ambassador. Arteaga has been a boarded oncologist for 10 years, and is currently conducting clinical trials.

I've always been fond of Boo the dog rest in peace buddy! When I had the idea of doing a before and after series of dogs after their haircuts, I knew I wanted to showcase Japanese-style dog grooming because it's incredibly unique and something we didn't see too often in the states back in I also love that Japanese-style grooming strives to showcase the individuality in each dog, which is what I do with my photography.

Q: What is your favorite part of photographing dogs? Q: What is your art background and how has it helped to enhance your dog photography? I used to work in the ad industry as an art director, creating ad campaigns for brands like Panda Express, Shutterfly, General Motors, and more. I am a self-taught photographer, but my art-direction background really helps me with capturing the look and feel that I want in a photo, how to come up with creative ideas for shoots, and how to have all the elements in a still photo work together to convey a message and story.

Q: How did you get started photographing dogs and animals? A: Back in , I was a stressed-out art director working crazy hours and decided to volunteer to take headshots of rescue dogs to help them get adopted. That turned into a side hustle petphotography business that I juggled while I worked at my day job. After nine months, I quit my day job to focus full time on pet photography and haven't looked back! Q: We love your Puppy Styled photo series.

How did you become aware of this type of dog grooming, and what inspired you to take on this unique project? A: I'm Korean American, and had seen this Asian style of grooming over the years just being aware.

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A: I really love connecting with dogs and getting to know them on a soul level. I love seeing the subtleties in them that most people might not recognize immediately unless they know them already. I love revealing those subtleties and emotions to viewers, and allowing them to feel like they know the dog just by seeing my work.

Q: Are you a dog mom? And if so, please tell us about your pups. A: Yes! They are what inspired me to start taking photos of dogs. I found her on Petfinder back in and knew I needed to adopt her as soon as I saw her.

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My first book, Waggish, came out in is dedicated to her.