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Quivers-A-Lie-Part-Two of our skeptical look at Robin Quivers and her Book Quivers A Life Part 2

US Magazine. Los Angeles Times. Colford, Paul Howard Stern: King of All Media 2nd ed. Martin's Press. Quivers, Robin Quivers: A Life 1st ed. Stern, Howard Private Parts 1st ed. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Quivers in April University of Maryland. Radio personality , author, actress. United States. But it's a big market for me and I must be careful, because my next door neighbour's a re-enactor, and very nice, too. While Crowe, of course, was a model student 'I couldn't believe the work he put in - he'd seen all the old Robin Hood films, read all the old medieval ballads and he knew so much' , not all his famous pupils have been quite so eager.

Steve says: 'Some of them, and I'm naming no names, come down, smack their arm and that's that. They don't want to know. Men are the worst - they assume they can do it because it looks easy, but archery is 70 per cent technique and 30 per cent luck.

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Judi Dench? I trained her for the Importance Of Being Earnest. She was superb. I had probably 15 or 20 minutes with her and she got it [he clicks his fingers dramatically] like that! And the next one.

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And she turns round and says: "Oh goodness, this is such fun, why didn't I do this years ago? Whap, a third goes straight in the bull's eye. Steve is full of the talk, but can he actually hit anything? If a rabbit ran across the field, could he kill it? You wouldn't waste a tuppence arrow on a rabbit. You'd net it. But in any event, you'd never shoot at a rabbit, because it moves. You'd practise shooting the hole and then hit it when it goes back in. OK, so what about a deer? And as a traditional archer you'd have dogs with you - it takes up to 20 minutes for an animal to bleed out - so the dogs would round it up.

But to answer your question, I can shoot. I'm not the greatest, but I'm no idiot. He is also a stickler for historical accuracy. None of my family will. I have to put a bulldog clip on my lips. I don't criticise; people think I'm the grumpiest man in the universe, but I'm not. I'm just pointing out that it could have been done better. And it drives me mad. It was rubbish. They used Victorian bows, they used all sorts of strange bows. It was just a complete mishmash of equipment.

Famous: Simon worked on the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood but hasn't watched the entire film.

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A child! What were they thinking? Apparently he decided not to have any lessons. They had ridiculous shiny armour, the girls had Page 3 make-up and the bows were rubbish. He must have gone when he was nine.

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Back in the paddock, I can barely pull the string back on my 30lb 'baby', and certainly nowhere near the all important 'anchor point', where my right hand fingers need to be in the corner of my mouth. Further back. But Russ kept saying: "That's not powerful enough, that's not powerful enough. I need something more powerful. Eyes open, arm out, always pull the string and not the arrow. Where's your power triangle? One, two, three.


Another painful ping on my wrist. And then, suddenly, just as I'm about to hurl the bow on the floor and start jumping up and down on it, one of Queen Victoria's flimsy arrows hits the target. The blue ring, no less.

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And everything feels better. And maybe I would. But my wrist hurts and my shoulder aches and, unlike Russell Crowe, just hitting the target is good enough for me.