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  2. Nederlandsche dames en heeren: Novellen by Jan ten Brink
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Two green mugs. Woodcut, 41x30 cm.

Monstrelet, E. Werkman, H. Brieven rond De Blauwe Schuit Werkman, , The Velvet Underground. Lot of 13 records, i.

Schweinfurth, P. Geschichte der Russischen Malerei. The Hague, M. Nijhoff, , XII,p. Biblia Hebraica, Secundum ultimam editionem Jos. Athiae, a Johanne Leusden Denuo recognitam Pouwels, P. President Franklin D. First lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Two drawings, pen Schelfhout, A. A panoramic landscape with travellers in the foreground and Haarlem in the background.

Lot of 8 paper cuttings, all first half 20th cent. Sandwijk, G. Fabel-spel voor de jeugd of twintig beweegbare fabelen van Gellert. Verzameld en overeenkomstig het kinderlijk begrip Loreau, B. Cerceaux 'sorcellent. Carzou, J. Soldiers marching to the left, a woman standing to the right. Lithograph, 58,5x Elk, G. Triptych, consisting of three col. Blaeu, J. Le grand atlas ou cosmographie Blauiane. Dongen, C. Euler, L. Theoria motuum planetarum et cometarum. Berlin, A. Haude, , 1st ed. Passe I, C. Liber Genesis. Lot of 11 engravings from the series of Bool, F. Nieuwe geschiedenis van de fotografie in Nederland.

Dutch Eyes. Zwolle, Waanders, Meinen, J. Linocut, 49x48,8 cm. Paris, Maeght, , 17, 11 p. Schinz, H. Haverschmidt, F. Birds of Surinam. Kanter, J. Chronijk van Zierikzee.

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Zierikzee, A. Spaen, W. Historie van Gelderland. Eerste deel all published. Altheer, , XIV,p Keate, G. Beschryving van de Pelew eilanden, Gelegen in het westlyk gedeelte van den Stillen Oceaan, Opgesteld uit de dagverhalen en mondelinge berigten Lausanne, F. Grasset, Steichen, E. The Family of Man.

Nederlandsche dames en heeren: Novellen by Jan ten Brink

Lee Man-Fong ed. Leuchtendes Mittelalter. Sudanese woman with child. Colour etching and aquatint, 14x9,5 cm. Alles mag. Dagblad ter verbreiding van het wantrouwen. Biblia, Dat is De gantsche H. Hexham, H.

Journael ofte Een ware ende kort verhael van 't vermaerde Belegh van de Stadt Breda Bontridder, A. Dood hout. Lot of 7 small publications and 8 gelatin silver prints, all concerning Zero art ists , all Saura, A. Four figures. Colour silkscreen, 69,5x50 cm.

Rosenberg, C. Reistogten in de afdeeling Gorontalo gedaan op last der Nederlandsch Indische regering. Beus, J. Oil on canvas, 60x50 cm. Friedlaender, J. Prancing horse. Etching and aquatint, 31,5x24,5 cm. Zweite, A. Rebecca horn. Zeichnungen, Skulpturen, Installationen Perusall turns often-skipped solitary reading assignments into engaging collective activities students don't want to miss. Students collectively annotate each reading — asking questions, responding to each other's questions, or sharing other perspectives or knowledge.

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Τι είναι καμπύλη αποδόσεων

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