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1st Edition
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Organisational Matters

Pague parcelado visa master hipercard com MercadoPago. Por favor, tente novamente. Quantidade: Adicionar ao carrinho. Coherent homotopy over a fixed space K.

PMH1 Algebraic Topology

Hardie, K. Modern foundations for stable homotopy theory A. Elmendorf et al.. Completions in algebra and topology J. Greenlees, J. Equivariant stable homotopy theory J.

Handbook of Algebraic Topology : I. M. James :

The stable homotopy theory of finite complexes D. The EHP sequence and periodic homotopy M. Mahowald, R. Introduction to nonconnective Im J -theory M.

Crabb, K. Applications of nonconnective Im J -theory K.

Algebraic Topology 1.1 : Homotopy (Animation Included)

Stable homotopy and iterated loop spaces G. Carlsson, R. Stable operations in generalized cohomology J.

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Unstable operations in generalized cohomology J. Boardman et al. Differential graded algebras in topology Y.

MA3H6 Algebraic Topology

MATH Algebraic Topology IV The basic method of algebraic topology is to assign an algebraic system say, a group or a ring to each topological space in such a way that homeomorphic spaces have isomorphic systems. Outline of Course Aim: The module will provide a deeper knowledge in the field of topology a balanced introduction having been provided in Topology III.

Term 1 Homotopy properties of cell complexes: Cell complexes, main constructions mapping cones and cylinders, products , examples.

Elements of homological algebra: Chain complexes, homology, chain homotopy, exact sequences, Euler characteristic. Homology theory of topological spaces: Singular homology of topological spaces, homotopy invariance, Mayer-Vietoris sequences, relation between homology and the fundamental group, geometric interpretation of homology classes, homology groups of cell complexes.

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  4. Applications: Brouwer fixed point theorem, Jordan curve theorem, invariance of domain. Applications: Alexander duality, non-embeddability of non-orientable closed surface in Euclidean 3-space.