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I'll have to scroll down now and remove hyperlinks to them in this blog. What a pain in the neck. I took an office. And I love it! I am excited to get to work each morning. The simple act of preparing for the day, packing my lunch, and leaving the house has had a tremendous impact on my productivity. And driving to the office building, taking the stairs, unlocking my office door and entering my little personal space And there is a title that keeps popping into my head lately:.

A Room of One's Own. I've never read Virginia Woolf's essay and wasn't even sure it was appropriate for my situation until I looked it up. I still may have it a bit wrong, but I'll keep it, I think. I'm writing a series of blog posts over at The Sunshine State about my experience writing in my lovely little office space. I think it will be called Realm of Ice , but I'm not sure. Charles novel, JoJo's Ghost ; and a romantic comedy as yet untitled.

I'm not sure if I am going to create another pen name for the romance.

Is that just weird? It might be. The Dianna Dann books are literary women's fiction Why not? It's a crazy new world of publishing The book scored really, really well and the judge seemed to understand where I was going with it. I posted the entire comment over at The Sunshine State blog if you're interested.

I also got the comments and scores from all of my entries in the Royal Palm Literary Awards. As far as I know, I don't have permission to post those, so I won't. But I can certainly discuss them. I entered Zombie Revolution but it didn't make the finals. One judge really liked it and gave it 44 out of Another judge liked it okay and gave it 29 out of But a third judge hated it! She said it was not appropriate for children I entered it into the young adult category and gave it 10 out of I'm going to agree with that judge that Zombie Revolution is not appropriate for children.

Children of Path (The Kell Stone Prophecy, #1)

It's actually satire and probably more appropriate for adults; so I think I chose the wrong category. I could certainly see why Children of Path won second place as its scores were a bit middling. The thing that struck me the most was that some of the judges thought I didn't reveal the ending in the summary. But I did. It's just that it's book one in a series and each one does not stand alone.

Once I finish the entire series of five books, the digital editions will be bundled and sold as a unit. I really should make that a priority next year, but it's hard to do when I have so many other books to write as well.